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Black Square

Originally posted on Twitter and Facebook.

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Website Updates (and more!)

Phew, my last blog post was from 2 years ago? Let’s fix that.

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Car Wishlist

This was originally going to be a standalone post but I need to test my IFTTT recipe first. I also wrote this a while ago, but I needed something to post.

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Website Updates

A fresh coat of paint!

I’ve switched my site design several times since the last post, and this time it’s even simpler!

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How to First Apartment Essentials

So this was the first year I lived in an apartment by myself and I wanted to create a list of essentials that I found particularly helpful to have the first time living in an apartment. Sorted by living spaces.

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Tech Simplified: RAM, Hard Drives, and CPUs

I often get asked by my friends to explain technology to them, and seeing as the majority of the world does not understand HOW computers work, I use analogies to help. In this installment, I’ll briefly explain how RAM, Hard Drives, and CPUs work.

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