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I seem to only make blog posts whenever I have something to talk about/redesign my website.

I’m tempted to write more eventually, but you’ll notice that the site looks a little different.

I just switched to Hugo after not wanting to deal with Jekyll anymore, and also I wanted a simpler layout. The theme is Codex and although it’s a little barebones, I quite like it. Hugo takes a little bit of getting used to, and I’m not sure I quite understand how the templating works. But, I’ll keep poking at it.

There’s a few things missing that I would like to implement but also need a bit more time in researching:

  • dark mode - currently, it’s fine…in the daytime
  • “hidden” posts - I shuffled around the posts and I need to look into how to do that, but those are considered “archived” for now
  • RSS feed - this is really only used for IFTTT, which, at time of writing, is very likely broken - so I need to figure out how to fix it, but based on the last website update I did, I still haven’t implemented webhooks as part of the deployment process

In other news…

  • I have a podcast (that has no schedule).

  • I’ve been working on a short story since last year - TBD when it gets finished (I will probably write a blog post about it eventually).

  • I have an endless swath of other projects in a text file that grow forever and ever.

I really do want to write more (and I have definitely some ideas I want to expand on), but…excuses, excuses.

See you again when I redesign my website again next year.

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