Wishlist 2015

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I made a wishlist last year, and ended up buying a lot of the items on the list, so I figured a new wishlist was in order.

To clarify: this wishlist is things I wish to have but not necessarily want given to me. If you insist on getting me something for some odd reason you can use the Amazon wishlist.

In case I forget or didn’t write it here, I have an Amazon wishlist.

Physical Items#

  • Various internet shirts (yup, still. Can never have too many awesome designed shirts)
  • Server hosting [$???/mo] (I can’t rely on free servers all day although not having to pay is nice - preferably US based)
  • Various car upgrade parts (I have an Amazon wishlist somewhere - LED ALL THE THINGS)
  • Still want a good mic but maybe one I can take around or something
  • XKCD’s What-If book
  • XKCD’s Up goer 5 poster
  • TODO: update this later

Unmonetizable items#

  • Good grades would be nice
  • Less distractions
  • More time
  • Android 5.0 on my phone (HTC/T-mo plz)
  • A girlfriend? Haha funny joke 10/10
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