Wishlist 2014

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2016 Edit: I figured I’d keep this in as a time capsule to see what I wanted in 2014.

At this exact moment, I can’t concentrate on homework, it’s Saturday night, and I have a headache. So what better time to make a wishlist? Sorted from least to most expensive and not sorted by practicality.

I’ve always been asked for what is something I want, and I’ve never been able to give anyone a definitive list. Until now.

  • Variety of t-shirts from the internet (it would take too long to list)
  • Sennheiser MX 470 Earphones/Sennhesier MX 985 (because my free 2 year old earbuds are slowly dying) [~$35/~$180]
  • 2/3 domain names + hosting [$$/year?] (I have things that require hosting!)
  • Bluetooth mouse (haven’t researched this one yet, but it’s for my tablet, so cheap ok)
  • Condenser Microphone (haven’t looked into this one either, for computer recording)
  • Shotgun Microphone (while we’re talking about mics here…for the DSLR, of course)
  • CODE 104 Cherry MX Clear Mechanical Keyboard (or the normal 104 key with Clears) [~$150+Shipping]
  • Pebble/Pebble Steel [$150/$249] / LG G Watch [$229]
  • DLSR (video would be good, hotshoe microphone capability would be too)
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P (with dual GFX cards) [~$1100] OR MSI GS60 Ghost Pro [~$1900] (customized by XOTICPC)
  • Google Glass (one day…one day) [$1500]
  • Subaru BR-Z [$25000] (…yes, it’s a car, I know)
  • A house (….yeah not yet)
  • A job (wouldn’t that technically cost negative money?)
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