A lil bit of Minecraft history

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Welcome! I’m going to tell you the history behind the Minecraft multiplayer server that I play on, AuroraServer! But the story isn’t quite that simple. It all started on Reddit…

Creeps Era#

September 2011. A man named Bodie started drawing the “Creeps Comic”, a webcomic based on Minecraft. (Comics are still available to view, by the way). At some point, he decided to post them to Reddit. Many people (myself included) stumbled upon them, and after looking around the Creepscomic website, Bodie had set up a “Creepscomic Fan Server”, a small public server for fans of the comic and himself to mess around on. I joined around March 2012, along with my IRL friends fhorn4444 and CanadianTrees. The server grew slightly in population, until it was now a “small” public server. A small large spawntown named “Castillo” was created, along with other small townships such as “Eastwatch” and “Arcoon” were born.

April 2012. Bodie decided to take a break from Minecraft and step back from being in the admin position. So, we needed another person to step in to run the server. Enter ailisezooey. Ailise volunteered to take over the server, and Bodie agreed. Nothing changed for the most part, until our hoster suddenly announced that it was shutting down permanently. We scrambled to figure out how to organize ourselves, and resorted to IRC and Reddit for communication. Ailise quickly found a new hoster and decided to start our world fresh again.

Ailise Era#

Everyone joined the new server, for the most part, and things were going smoothly. New towns were built like “Nysa” and “Tempest”. A new subreddit and website were implemented, which contained a blog and forums.

Feburary 2012. Suddenly, something snapped. Ailise had taken the server offline, along with the website, leaving nothing but a letter of apology and a download link for the old map. The members panicked, but quickly organized communication via IRC and Reddit, along with creating a torrent for the old map. Goldenflame2 volunteered to host a new server, and a new era began again.

AuroraServer Era#

Because we were not sure of the status of the old map, we started fresh again. Ailise reappeared, providing the old server as a creative world, but most members stayed on survival. Eventually Ailise stopped the old server and everyone was now on the new server, the AuroraServer.

Currently the AuroraServer is still a somewhat “small” server, however most of the members seen on Creeps stuck with it and are still here today. The spawntown “Bandaron” has been built and a new website has been created. (You should totally check it out, I’m not biased, at all). More is coming, and we hope to gain new members soon! TL;DR: We’re a stubborn bunch of players who stick together and we’re still here, so join us!

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