Website Updates

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A fresh coat of paint!

I’ve switched my site design several times since the last post, and this time it’s even simpler!

First off, Material Design Lite tidies up the site look as a whole.

Secondly, I’ve switched the entire site’s functionality over to Jekyll, that way I can use Github Pages to host it, rather than rolling my own server. I have been using my own (or, rather, Nathan’s server), for a while, but I wanted super speed and super caching (especially with the inclusion of images). This required some stretching and pulling of my existing template, along with learning how Jekyll works, but in the end I have a flat-file based blog+website system that seems pretty solid.

Thirdly, I’ve archived past posts that I don’t exactly feel comfortable with publically. If you had the URLs you are still able to access them as I am still in the middle of moving posts over but you will not see them in the posts below.

Also, I’m probably going to continue tweaking my site until I like it and I continue adding features and such. (pagination might be on the list, along with some other things that I haven’t thought of yet.)

Lastly, I’ll probably be encouraged to blog more just because I want to use this shiny new thing.

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