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How to Website

I wanted to do a technical write up of sorts, so I thought I’d walk through the process of what I did to set up my website, from domains to servers to CloudFlare. I’ll try to explain each step as I did and what some alternatives could be. Any questions? Feel free to tweet at me @thinkaliker.


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Helping People

I like helping people. It feels good to help people.

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Wishlist 2015

I made a wishlist last year, and ended up buying a lot of the items on the list, so I figured a new wishlist was in order.

To clarify: this wishlist is things I wish to have but not necessarily want given to me. If you insist on getting me something for some odd reason you can use the Amazon wishlist.

In case I forget or didn’t write it here, I have an Amazon wishlist.

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Wishlist 2014

2016 Edit: I figured I’d keep this in as a time capsule to see what I wanted in 2014.

At this exact moment, I can’t concentrate on homework, it’s Saturday night, and I have a headache. So what better time to make a wishlist? Sorted from least to most expensive and not sorted by practicality.

I’ve always been asked for what is something I want, and I’ve never been able to give anyone a definitive list. Until now.

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I'm in college!

Hey! I’m in college now!

That means I’ll have less time to do stuff on my own, but I’ll hopefully be learning more things in the process.

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A lil bit of Minecraft history

Welcome! I’m going to tell you the history behind the Minecraft multiplayer server that I play on, AuroraServer! But the story isn’t quite that simple. It all started on Reddit…

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